Practice the 4th of August

On the 4th of August debate team members Alejandro Larrain, Vicente Gomez, Clemente Venegas, Anton Little and new member Borja Bioseco had a mock debate about the validity of using cell phones in classrooms.

Clemente Venegas gave a wonderful opening to the proposition. Vicente led the opposition with a bulk of information about the validity of using cell phones in classrooms. It was clear that the opposition had more information to support their case against cell phone use in classrooms, but the proposition did an admirable job defending a the more difficult position.

Practice the 28th of July

On July 28th the members of the debate club Benjamin Bravo, Cristobal Buzeta, Alejandro Larrain, and Vicente Gonzalez team up against new members Clemente Venegas, Jose Ignacio Escobar, José Pedro Jeria Navarro, and Alberto Bofill as well as returning member Anton Little in a heated debate about cloning.

Although neither team came out as a clear victor, both presented compelling arguments for their sides. Jose Ignacio Escober led the proposition by talking about the value that cloning can provide society. Vicente Gonzalez quickly rebutted with some facts about the lack of efficiency in cloning in 2017 while also mentioning how unethical cloning is. Antón Little hit back with a point for the Proposition about how animals are already used for our benefit in society. The debate raced back and forth until the end, with both sides showing an improvement in their ability to construct arguments.


June 30th Practice

On the 30th of June, the students of the Mackay Debate team met for an entertaining and educational practice. Students Max Garcia, Alejandro Lerrain, Vicente Gonzalez, Antón Little worked on a number of different warm-up activities to train their analytical abilities and skills in an impromptu speech.


After getting their brains in “debate” mode the students the students tackled a mock debate about standardized testing in modern schools. New member Max Garcia showed some impressive analytical ability in his rebuttal of fellow member Vicente Gonzalez’s propositions.

Practice 7th of June

The debate club members gathered for an intense practice on the 7th of June in the English Lab. Students did a number of warm-up activities including, “If I were president,” and “Rapid-Speak” where they needed to use their improvisational skills while they spontaneously created a story from a series  of random words.

New member Antón Lyttle . Returning member Nicolas Buzeta did a tremendous job of incorporating new members Bastian Heidke, Joaquin Jimenez, Antón Little, Gonzalo Ceardi, and Jose Pedro Jeria into the activities


New member Antón Little was a surprising stand-out from the first practice! He fearlessly volunteered for each of the activities and even invited the coach Christian Fetterman to battle him in a Ping-Pong debate.



Practices Begin for the 2017 Season

The Mackay debate is excited to announce that the practices for the 2017 have commenced!

During the first practice, participants worked on a number of activities, concluding with a mock debate, “Due to recent research about CTE, should boxing be outlawed?” Benjamin Bravo, Vicente Gonzalez, and Cristobal Buzeta were chosen to practice the proposition for this argument while Christian Eilers, Juan Cristóbal Manriquez, and Nicolas Temkin argued for the opposition.

Friday June 9th, 2017

Introduction: (5 Minutes) 1. Warm-up Games (40 Minutes)

–> Triple Speak. students brainstorm a series of random words (e.g. “Beauty” “Catfish” “Bill Gates” etc.) and write these on the board. Aim for 3 words per student. One student will come up to the front of the room with his back to the board, speaking to the class. Give him a randomly selected word from the list to begin his speech. He can say anything he’d like about the word. If the word was catfish, he might tell a story about catching a catfish or make an argument that catfish are the best fish. The point is for him to keep speaking coherently and constantly on the subject.

–> “I couldn’t disagree more.” Gather the group in a circle. The first speaker makes a claim. The second speaker says “I couldn’t disagree more” and then gives a reason to disagree with the claim. They then make a claim of their own, rebutted by the next speaker, etc. This teaches the importance of being able to argue both sides of an issue (since they may agree with the statement they are charged with rebutting). You can focus this game by requiring claims to be associated with a particular issue/topic.

Mock Debate: (45 minutes) Topic: Performance enhancing drugs should be allowed in sports.